Avoiding Delayed Maintenance


Home Maintenance and Repair Tips


Failing to maintain your home could create a money pit that you may never be able to fill once the situation spirals out of control. While delayed maintenance could solve your short-term money and time constraints, it could also reduce the value of your property when you attempt to sell it in the future.

Delayed maintenance, the practice of postponing small and large repairs, can be avoided. This article identifies home maintenance and repair tips that will ensure that your home will always be in a good state of repair. It answers some common questions about home maintenance, such as the cost of some common home repairs and how you can best track maintenance and repairs in your home. 

We end the article by looking at how a home warranty can be the solution for homeowners who find themselves having to defer maintenance because of a shortage of funds. 

  • How Do I Handle the Most Common Home Repairs?
  • ​How Much Do Common Home Repairs Cost?
  • How Do I Minimize the Need for Repairs?  
  • ​How Do I Track Home Maintenance and Repairs?
  • How Do I Improve My DIY Maintenance Skills?
  • ​DIY vs. Professional Home Maintenance
  • Home Warranty Cost vs. DIY Repairs


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