Building a Back Yard Pond or Pool


Tips for Building a Backyard Pond

Planning the backyard of your new home can be a very exciting adventure for the whole family.  If you have ever thought that you would like to add a pond to your yard, but did not because you thought that it was too much work or too complicated, it is a lot easier than you thought!

The first decision you should make is where you want to locate the pond. There are a few things to take into consideration.

The first is where the pond would get the most sunlight. When working with aquatic plants this is very important, as they require a lot of light. The plants help to create a habitat that will attract various birds, butterflies, frogs, and a great environment for fish.

You will also want to find a location that you can easily view from a sitting area, such as a deck or patio. There is no point in adding a pond to your yard if you never get to enjoy it!

The last two items to consider may be the most important ones.

If you are considering adding a pump to circulate the water, or lights to create a nice effect in the evenings, then you will need to make sure that the pond is located near an electrical source.

Also, pay close attention to where any excess water would overflow. Definitely make sure that drainage is flowing away from your home, or your foundation could be damaged.

Once you have looked around your yard and decided where the perfect spot for your pond is, you are ready to install it!

CAUTION: Contact your Building Department for any special rules and permits. You should also have your area searched for underground wires, drainage, gas, etc.

Enjoy your new Pond or Pool!

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