Questions People Ask About Condo/Townhomes



Questions People Ask AboutCondo/Townhomes


What is Condo Living? Is Condo a style, a type of ownership, a way of life? What do I own? What is included in the maintenance fee? Do some condos come without maintenance fees? What about townhouses; are townhouses different from condos? These and many more questions are constantly asked about condos and townhouses. I will try to shed some light on this subject.
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Condo fees are maintenance fees used to maintain the common areas of a condominium/townhouse complex. Condo fees can equate to what a single-family homeowner should budget each month to maintain their home and property.
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What is a PUD home? Pud stands for Planned Unit Development. Essentially, a PUD home is a single family home (fee simple ownership) that is part of the condo/townhome community.
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Facts you should know when buying a condo/townhome
When buying into a condominium complex, you are entitled to know some facts about the condo/townhouse community. You will need to know the rules and regulations, the finances, who is in charge, and more.
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