Cost-Efficient Tips for Revamping Your
Bedroom and Bathroom


Your bedroom and bathroom are spaces you use every day. You want them to be
comfortable. Unfortunately, these rooms tend to get run down quickly—precisely because
they're used so frequently. The good news is that there are simple steps you can take to
spruce up your bedroom and bathroom without breaking the bank. This guide provides some
cost-efficient ideas to help you make the most of these areas in your home.
Add storage to eliminate clutter
Clutter tends to cause anxiety. Plus, it makes your space look messy and overcrowded—and
smaller as a result. Take steps to eliminate clutter like installing more storage. For example,
you might add space to keep toiletries on the inside of your bathroom cabinet door. In the
bedroom, under-bed storage boxes can be a big space-saver.
Show your walls some love
Your walls take up a lot of surface area in any room, so they can brighten the space—or
make it look rundown. If your paint or wallpaper is chipped or peeling, give it an upgrade.
Find wallpaper that's as unique as you with print-on-demand options you can design
yourself. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is easy to apply, as you can simply remove the adhesive
backing, lay it down, and then reposition the wallpaper as needed.
Embrace a relaxing color scheme
When revamping your walls or any other major component of your bathroom, consider your
colors carefully. Some hues are more soothing than others. Shutterfly offers a guide to
colors and how they impact mood. Calming shades include lavender, white, blue-gray, and
se blue. Make sure to bring more of these colors into your home to create a space where
you can kick back and unwind easily.
Rethink your lighting concept
Lighting can likewise make a big change in the atmosphere in a room. One great way to
make a space look bigger and more welcoming is to add more natural lighting. Opt for lighter
curtains and keep them open. Follow best practices to improve your lighting concepts, such
as installing overall bath lighting or vanity lighting. In the bedroom, consider adding lights to
corners, creating a mellow glow throughout the entire room.
Revisit your linens
Fresh linens can make a bedroom and bathroom more welcoming. Get new towels for your
bathroom, opting for colors that complement your wallpaper. In the bedroom, fresh sheets
can make for an easier night's sleep. Look for sheets that combine style and comfort. For
example, bamboo sheets can be great for wicking sweat from the body.
Update your hardware and fixtures
Small details like the pulls of your bathroom cabinets can change a room's appearance.
Explore DIY options to update your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls cheaply. You can also
implement these tricks for bedroom furniture like dressers and nightstands. In the bathroom,
you can consider changing your fixtures. You don't have to replace the entire bathtub, for
example, but simply swapping out the faucet and showerhead can be sufficient.
Add soothing accessories
Once the bigger steps above are done, it's time for the finishing touches. Small additions like
candles can make a big difference, for example. Opt for scented candles, which will also
give a soothing aroma, further creating a relaxing atmosphere. Houseplants are another
great way to make a stress-free zone. VeryWellMind offers a list of indoor plants to promote
relaxation and bust stress, from aloe vera to palms.
You deserve to feel at ease in your home. If your bedroom or bathroom is looking worn, you
want to take steps to spruce them up. The good news is that it won't have to cost a lot. The
above tips are effective and affordable.
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Article Submitted (2022) By:
Tina Martin


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