15 Ways To Declutter Your Home And Get Organized


Anyone who struggles to believe that America has a clutter problem probably hasn’t seen the statistics indicating that 54% of Americans believe that they are overwhelmed by clutter, and 78% don’t know what to do with it.  If you’re one of the people facing a clutter challenge, this article is for you. We look at some creative ways to declutter your home and get organized. You can read the entire article here: https://www.homelization.com/ways-to-declutter-your-home-and-get-organized/

Here are just a few creative ways to declutter:

1. Identify The Signs

2. Determine Who You Are Now

3. Put Everything Where It Belongs

4. Keep Similar Things Together

5. Discourage Clutter

6. Start Small

...and much more.


Article Submitted (2021) By:

Emily Moore 

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