Green and Smart?
Yes, Your Home Can Be Both

Green and Smart? Yes, your home can be both.

You want to reduce your carbon footprint, but you’re also craving more convenience. Well, it
turns out you don’t have to choose when it comes to your home! In fact, smart home features
designed to save you time can also help you save on energy costs. If you’re interested in
learning more about how to turn your current home into the eco-friendly and smart home of your
dreams, expert real estate agent Emil Ratti offers the following tips.

The Basics
Before you get into the latest and greatest eco-friendly smart gadgets for your home, you need
to cover the essentials. By essentials, we mean the products and services you will need to get
your home set up for smart devices and appliances. Which will include:

A Secure Internet Connection

A smart home is a connected home. If you plan to hook up lights, locks, cameras, appliances
and more to the internet, a secure network is a must. Here’s what you need to know:
   ● Only use appliances and devices that can be secured.
   ● Always keep the software updated for smart home devices.
   ● Never access devices from an unsecured WiFi network.
   ● Keep your smartphone and passwords secure at all times.

Proper Electrical Wiring

While many smart devices run off of batteries, automating your home in other eco-friendly ways
may require updated wiring. A licensed electrician can help you decide if new conduits or a
wiring closet are necessary for your remodel. If you plan on selling your home in the future,
setting it up for ultra-fast CAT 5e or CAT-6 connections could be a wise step.

Eco-Friendly and Smart Updates
Once you have the basics down, you can start dreaming of smarter and greener ways to
improve your home. Here are some of the most popular devices homeowners are using right

Smart Speakers

To simplify home automation, a smart speaker will be your best bet. Smart speakers are some
of the most top-rated home products on the market today. Plus these handy devices are
extremely easy to set up and use. An added bonus is that you can use your speaker to create
energy savings throughout your home by connecting it to other smart devices.

Home Security Products

Some of the latest home security products are as smart as they are eco-friendly. These devices
use a minimal amount of energy to keep your home secure. You can choose from systems that
include video monitoring or a more simple alarm. There are even systems that will monitor the
climate in your home to help you boost energy savings. Aside from saving you peace of mind,
it’s also worth mentioning that securing your home can also help boost its value.

Smarter Appliances
You may already know that choosing Energy Star appliances is good for your utility savings and
the environment. But did you know that many of the latest Energy Star appliances also come
with connected functionality that can provide an even bigger and greener energy savings boost?
These connected features are available on select models of a variety of appliances, including
thermostats, washers, dryers, and even air conditioners.

Certain smart appliances, like refrigerators, can also help lessen your environmental impact by
reducing food waste. Which can also help you trim down your household budget.

There’s no reason for you to choose between added convenience and energy savings.
Manufacturers of the latest and greatest smart home tech understand that consumers want
both. Whether you want to boost your home’s security, reduce its carbon footprint, or increase
its value, there are endless updates available to you. So choose the ones that fit your needs
and then make sure you have the basics to set them up securely.

Whether you’re looking for help selling or buying a home, or even increasing your current
home’s value, Emil Ratti is your go-to source for the latest real estate information.

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