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A home warranty is a service contract that helps homeowners cover costly, unexpected repairs on home systems and appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear. Before choosing a home warranty, it is important to research plans and get your questions answered. Be sure to read the plan thoroughly to know which appliances are covered and check for coverage limits. Most plans range from $350-600 (2019) per year as well as a fee per service call. It is smart to estimate the repair or replacement cost of your appliances then compare to the annual cost of a home warranty plan to determine if one is right for you.

First-time homebuyers frequently purchase home warranties as they may not feel knowledgeable or financially prepared for a major repair. Owners of older homes also benefit from having a home warranty because their appliances may be approaching 10-15+ years old and more likely to require costly repairs.

You should consider a home warranty as a supplement to your homeowners' insurance policy. 
Use Consumer Affairs' Home Warranty Guide to compare your options and read reviews before you make a decision!

Home warranty Guide: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/aaa_warranties.html

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Choosing a home warranty
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Home warranties can appear attractive and helpful for buyers and sellers, but beware - this loosely regulated market is filled with companies whose terms and conditions are tricky, or that simply don't deliver on their promises. Upon purchasing a home warranty, it is highly recommended to conduct a thorough research in order to find companies which are trust worthy and honest. Additionally, it is important to compare the costs of the plans they are offering, and make sure these plans are in fact suitable for you as a client. Do not let the fact this is a relatively cheap service fool you, over the years, you will end up paying hundreds or thousands for coverage, and if you don't get the service you require when you require it, it'll simply be money down the drain. Please continue reading on https://reviewhomewarranties.com/ .

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Home Warranties
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Home warranties are a helpful service for both buyers and sellers. It can lend peace of mind to buyers, assuring them that they won’t be stuck with hundreds or thousands in surprise repair work after they’ve moved in. However, a warranty plan can also offer the seller coverage during the listing period and can even be included by the seller as an added courtesy and benefit to entice more buyers to make offers. First-time homebuyers are often wary of the hassle and price tag of expensive repairs, and a warranty can increase their confidence in moving forward with the purchase. For more information about what a home warranty covers and how to choose which is best for you, check out this article:


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