Distinguishing Between Major and Minor Problems When Buying a Home

Along with finding a qualified real estate agent, house hunting, and going through
all the other steps of buying a home, getting a thorough home inspection is vital to making a
good home purchase. To help you distinguish between the problems that should make you
hesitate and the ones that you can easily solve after the purchase (or negotiate for the seller to
handle), here is some information to consider:

Structural Problems are a Big Red Flag
Structural problems can often be fixed, but they will require the services of a professional and
can be quite expensive.
  • Any major concerns with the roof should be taken into consideration.
  • The foundation is also an essential part of a home’s structure, and even small issues
    can become very serious over time.
  • If you notice leaning or cracked walls, it could be indicative of a foundation issue!
  • Uneven floors and sticking doors also suggest that there may be unseen structural
Some Things Are Simple to Fix
Then there are issues that are inexpensive to fix, some of which you can even do yourself.
  • Most cosmetic issues can be DIY’d. This might include painting, fixing a hole in the
    drywall, removing scratches from hardwood floors, and so on.
  • If you have a fence in disrepair, a professional can usually fix it for under $1,000.
  • Replacing outdated appliances and fixtures is typically a fairly simple task.
  • Functional problems such as a faulty HVAC system or water heater can also be fixed
    with relatively minor investments involved.
  • Even water contamination can be solved by installing a portable filter for up to 4 people.
The Neighborhood Matters
Finally, a home’s neighborhood should play a major role in whether or not you make the
  • Who are the neighbors and how will that affect your quality of life?
  • What is the value and expected appreciation or depreciation?
  • For seniors, you may want easy access to pharmacies, medical facilities, public
    transportation, and so on.
  • Is it safe? Research the crime rates of any neighborhood you’re considering.
The home inspection is a step that you don’t want to skip in the homebuying process. But be
prepared to discover problems with whatever home you are considering. Understanding the
difference between severe issues and ones that can be easily solved is key to making the right
decision on whether or not to purchase a home.

Article Submitted (2020) By:

Andrea Needham

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