Multi-State Living for Business Owners: Handy Tips

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You may be a business owner who needs to keep moving from state to state for work, and you may
own two (or more) homes in different cities or states. Moving around periodically and having to 
reacclimatize to a different home can be a challenge – and you likely have to do it without disrupting 
your business.
Managing multi-state living and the demands of your business successfully:
Pick a home space that suits you and your business
Your choice of home is critical – especially if you work from home or entertain visitors often. You
want a space that meets your business needs – whether that’s space or location-related. You might
need a home office, for instance, and privacy, peace, and comfort for you and your family. Emil Ratti
can assist you in finding the perfect home space in New Jersey.
Consider hiring a registered agent for your business
Hiring a registered agent can help keep your business going when you’re away traveling. They
receive official correspondence for you and also maintain paperwork. When you appoint a registered
agent, you can outline decision-making and processes. The agent can cover for you if anything
serious pops up, like a lawsuit or tax notifications. Before you pick a registered agent, check the rules
in your state around the appointment.
Get organized with a moving checklist
Before you switch residence, you have to think about countless logistic details about your home,
business, and possibly family. People who move between two homes find that making and following
a to-do list makes the move easier to handle. Some examples:
  • Services and mail: Inform banks, credit card providers, utility providers, the HOA, and other service providers about your move/new address, as applicable.
  • House cleaning and final sweep: Have the house cleaned and the trash disposed of. Also, do a
    final sweep for items you may have forgotten – like keys.
  • Medical records forwarding: Forward your medical records to the healthcare provider in the other
    state. Also, stock up on medication before the move.
  • Inform stakeholders: If necessary, inform employees and stakeholders about the move and what it
    may mean for your availability.
  • Update schools: Notify your child’s school, if applicable, about the move.
  • Taking inventory: Take inventory of the items you want to leave behind, take with you, or put in
Look to save money
The expenses will pile up when you run a business and travel constantly. You must be smart about
your finances. Picking up budgeting and other business-related finance skills is a good idea. Also, as
you live in two states, you can be smart and save money by purchasing items in the cheaper one. For
instance, register your cars, auto insurance policy, and even health insurance in the cheaper state,
after taking a look at prices in each state (see the end of the article for examples).
Stay on top of home logistics and upkeep
If you own two homes, you have to actively look after the properties. Some specifics to think about
are the maintenance, insurance, taxes, insurance, stocking up, and HOA obligations. You may be able
to hire a house sitter, seasonally, to look after your home. Alternatively, you could rent it out
through a property manager and earn an extra income.
Keep your family safe
Your family’s safety matters, whether they travel with you or stay behind. An excellent way to
ensure their safety is to get a smart home security system. Not only does it safeguard against would-
be thieves, but it also notifies you of problems like water or carbon build-up. Other safety products
to purchase are extinguishers, safes, smart locks, first aid kits, and emergency radios. Before
purchasing such products, read in-depth product reviews from unbiased sources.
Average price example list
Knowing the average price of services and other living expenses allows you to opt for them where 
they are the cheapest:
Moving between two places periodically is hard on the mind and body. Having a solid routine can
give you mental peace and stability, and help keep you in good physical shape besides. Working with
professionals like a registered agent will further reduce your responsibilities.
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