Spring Maintenance:



Tips for Homeowners on How to Do It Right

Spring maintenance can encompass a lot of things when it comes to your home, from sprucing up the interior to cleaning and repairing small things on the exterior. No matter what your project list includes this year, it’s important to have a good plan in mind so that everything is done properly. Doing so will ensure that there are no questions about the safety and comfort of your home, and it can even help you save money. Depending on what needs to be done, you might want to take a look at your credit score as well and start preparing for the possibility of securing a small loan to take care of the bigger jobs that aren’t covered by homeowners insurance.

Overall, having the right tools for the job, taking safety precautions, and knowing when to call in professional help are all great rules for starting any home project, but the devil is in the details. Cleaning the gutters but forgetting to trim back trees and other greenery can leave you with problems later in the year, so make a list of tasks before jumping in.

Here are a few things to consider when you’re ready to do some maintenance on your home.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

Having the right tools on hand before you begin a job will ensure that you can get it done right the first time without having to worry about possibly going back to make changes later. Most simple home projects require tools like a drill, a good hammer, and a set of wrenches, so if you don’t already have these items, look online for the best ones for your needs. Read some reviews and check out tool guides to get an idea of where you should begin.

Know Who to Call

Once you’ve assessed which projects need to be tackled, it’s a good idea to look at pros near your area for the big jobs. Roofing issues, plumbing problems, and electrical wiring should all be done by a professional to help you avoid injury and to ensure that the job is done right, so look online at the professionals near you and be sure to read reviews and get a price quote.

Check Your Appliances and Security Systems

Home maintenance and repairs can affect many areas of your house, so it’s important not to forget the little things. Your appliances, for instance, may go overlooked, but it’s a good idea to take a look at the washer and dryer, the hot water heater, and your security system to make sure they’re clean and in good working order. Older items can suffer from wear and tear, which can lead to safety issues. When it comes to home security, you want to make sure any cameras or keypads are up-to-date before you take a trip for spring break or summer vacation.

Check the Roof and Gutters

The roof and gutters of your home should be tended to after winter, as storms and wind can have a big impact on shingles or tile and often send debris into the gutters, clogging them up. You can clean these areas yourself, but if you find broken or missing shingles or evidence of a leak, you should consider calling in a pro to tackle the job.

Spring maintenance on your home can be simple or complicated depending on the task, so it’s crucial that you have a good plan in place before you get started. Big jobs will obviously take more time and money and require some consideration, whereas small chores can usually be tackled over a weekend. By thinking about the best ways to get started, you can prevent safety issues and prepare for the coming months without stress.

Written by:

Bret Engle | DiyGuys.net


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