More Time at Home?

Tackle These DIY Home Improvement Projects
Being a homeowner means you probably have a continual list of projects that need to be done.
This ongoing to-do list is a responsibility that comes with homeownership, but it’s also an
opportunity. Are you tired of your outdated kitchen? Or maybe you’re longing for an outdoor
living space to enjoy long summer days? Whatever it is you want from your home, this is the
perfect time to tackle those DIY projects and make it happen. While we’re all spending more
time at home, what better way to pass the time productively and finally check off some of those
Beef Up Your Home’s Security
Many of us have already gotten into the smart home trend for the convenience these gadgets
provide, and now that DIY home security systems have gotten into the game, using smart home
tech can also keep you safe. An affordable alternative to hiring a security company, DIY home
security is as simple as choosing a system, downloading an app to your mobile device, and
setting up the components, like motion sensors and video cameras. Most of these systems
allow monitoring through their app, but you can also choose to contract with a monitoring
service for your DIY system.
Spending time on your home’s security may not be the most exciting project, but as US News
explains, it’s one that will give you peace of mind knowing that your family is protected. And of
course, using technology isn’t the only way to make your home more secure. You can also
boost security by installing deadbolts and by trying these landscaping ideas from Den Garden
that help deter criminals.
Another way to improve your home’s security is to install a fence. But keep in mind that while it’s
possible to DIY this project, you’re generally best off bringing in the pros. A skilled fence installer
will build your fence with high-quality materials, have the tools necessary to complete the job,
and fully understand local regulations.
Take on Minor (or Major) Renovations
If you’ve been putting off a renovation project that’s been on your list for a while, this is the
perfect time to take the plunge, especially if you’re planning to sell your home at some point.
The main question to ask yourself is whether you want to go DIY with minor upgrades, or if
you're better off hiring a pro. You can definitely save money with low-cost projects, even if
you’re wanting a whole new look.
For example, you can use wallpaper to give your bathroom an easy DIY makeover. Yes,
wallpaper. Believe it or not, this once popular design trend is making a comeback. Nowadays,
you can find a limitless variety of designs, colors and textures to give any room some extra zing.
Plus, with easy applications like contact wallpaper, you can accomplish this quickly. Add a few
fluffy towels, change up the hardware, add a little decor, and bam! You’ve got a new bathroom.
If a kitchen remodel is where you have your sights set, DIY isn’t the best idea. You’ll likely need
a pro if you want to do a complete kitchen remodel or any other project that requires a greater
skill level, such as upgrading floors or having windows replaced.
Create an Outdoor Oasis
One way to make the most of spring and summer is to spruce up your home’s outdoor spaces.
Outdoor upgrades rank top among DIY projects that increase your home’s value, and of course,
the immediate benefit is that you can get some fresh air and enjoy nature while under
quarantine. If you haven’t done regular maintenance to your lawn in a while (or yet this season),
start with some basic landscaping like pruning, seeding grass, and clearing your yard of debris.
Once you’ve taken care of some maintenance projects, consider what else your outdoor space
could use to make it fit your family’s needs. Small projects you can do yourself might include
planting new flowers, building raised beds for a vegetable garden, building a fire pit, or installing
a play space for the kids. If you’re up for a bigger project, you may want to add outdoor living
space, such as building a deck, a covered patio, or an outdoor kitchen. Even if you need to hire
a professional for these bigger projects, the result will be worth the investment!
Some of these major projects require work that can only be done by a professional, but for
smaller projects, this may be the perfect time to learn a new skill. Maybe you want to try your
hand at tiling a small bathroom or learning how to grow an edible garden. More time at home
provides an amazing opportunity to try something new and make your home look better than
If your upgrades were a means to prepare your home for sale, let real estate expert Emil
Ratti help you get the best price for your home and help you find the perfect new
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