The Complete Guide to Selling Your Home

When Covid-19 struck in March 2020, housing sales were at a virtual standstill. Now, housing prices are up, listings on the market are down, and mortgage rates, while now low, may become higher into fall and 2022, according to CoreLogic

If you have plans to sell your home, you may have to deviate from some traditional marketing and selling methods, but you don’t have to shelve your plans altogether. These resources will help you spruce up your home for listing photos, take safety precautions at showings, and invite prospective buyers to virtual tours.

This guide is brought to you by Emil Ratti, Bergen County New Jersey real estate agent and certified new home specialist.

Staging and Preparing Your Home

● Use this handy checklist to make the best first impression with buyers.
● Make any necessary repairs to maximize the offers you get for your property.
● If you are thinking of painting your home for a fresh, new look, first make sure to wash the walls thoroughly.

● Carefully consider the best ideas for staging your home.
● Spruce up the landscaping of your property to enhance curb appeal.
● It’s hard to overestimate the power of effective home photos, so make sure you take good ones--or hire a professional photographer to do the job.

Options for Safe Showings

● Take special precautions to avoid spreading viruses during home showings.
● Consider meeting potential buyers via Zoom or other teleconferencing programs.
● Share your listing on social media. You can make a logo so your post stands out and looks more  professional. 
● When you do meet in person, always wear your face mask!

Cleaning Your Home After Showings
● Make sure you use strong disinfectants to get rid of the virus.
● Here are some good tips to help cleanse your home.
● After all that cleaning make sure your home appeals to your nose as well as your eyes.

Yes, selling a home right now is not as challenging as it was in 2020, but having the assistance of a reliable real estate agent can help you when the offers come in. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to keep working to attract interested buyers. These resources will help you make that crucial sale, no matter what happens in the pandemic!

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