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Prevent Humidity Inside the Basement

A dry, comfortable basement doubles the usable space in a typical ranch home. Whether utilized for increased living space or just storage areas, basements can serve as a breeding ground for mold and allergens. The relative humidity inside a basement or crawl space can often be as high as 50% or more, and as heat rises, the damp air will permeate up through the home bringing with it the musty odors caused by the mold.

Lowering relative humidity inside the home begins with a system designed to remove moister from the air. Quality 1st Basement Systems’ SaniDry Basement Air System will keep your basement’s relative humidity below the 50% level, inhibiting the growth of mold, allergens, and dust mites. The moisture removed from the air—up to three times that of a conventional dehumidifier—is drained from the system through a hose so you never have to empty it, and SaniDry’s two-stage filtration system is designed to remove large and small particles from the air to keep it clean. A powerful, dual purpose blower draws the damp air into the system and moves dry, clean air back into the home; up to 2,800 square feet can be accommodated by a single energy-efficient unit.

In the event of a seepage problem, when ground water is accessing the basement between the floor and the walls, or seeping in through a wall or floor crack, there is a fool-proof solution. The patented WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System by Basement Systems has been installed in over 60,000 basements in 7 countries. Complete with a lifetime warranty, the one-of-a-kind WaterGuard system consists of a series of sub-floor pipes designed to collect water from the soil without clogging. The water is then drained away from the basement, preventing the build up of hydrostatic pressure. Because this system sits on the foundation’s footing and not down in the soil, you’ll never have to worry about mud clogging the pipes.

Both of these state-of-the-art systems will allow you to maintain a dry environment and increased usable space, plus a third element can be used in conjunction with them to prevent basement flooding. The TripleSafe Sump Pump System is not your ordinary pump. It’s designed to quietly pump the collected water from the WaterGuard system out of your basement. This sump pump system consists of three pumps to provide a complete solution. Installed in the ground with an airtight lid and a floor drain, it will effectively pump water in a variety of scenarios. If the first pump fails to keep up with the volume of water seeping in, the second more powerful pump kicks on. So if you basement is flooding faster than only one pump can handle, the second pump works in conjunction with the first to remove up to 6,200 gallons of water per hour. If a storm causes a power outage, the third battery operated pump will take over. The TripleSafe system is also armed with the patented WaterWatch alarm that will sound if the water level rises above the point where the pumps should engage.

There’s no longer a reason for you and your family to live with the unhealthy effects of high humidity inside your home.

How to Get Rid Of Humidity In Your Basement Without a Dehumidifier
If you are looking for a cheaper method then there are numerous things you can do that are cost-effective and help to remove moisture in the basement. There are a number of plants that remove moisture from the air such as Reed Palms, Peace Lily's and Boston Ferns - all of which also thrive in low light conditions. Alternatively, there are a number of commercial desiccants available which are actually quite cheap which trap the moisture - they will need to be changed out semi-regularly though. There are numerous other tips on cheap ways to remove moisture from a basement over at Essential Home and Garden.

Aaron Green   (Posted 2/13/2020


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