The Buying Process


Allow us to be your Personal Assistant.

The first step in purchasing your new home is to find a realtor that you feel comfortable with and communicates well with you. When selecting a Realtor, knowing who the Realtor really represents is very important. A listing agent really represents the seller. Can a listing agent represent both the seller and buyer? Yes, but is that the right choice. A buyer's agent only represents the buyer. During our introduction meeting, we will discuss the different agent relationships. We will also identify your needs and wants.

The Financial Process
This is the second most important topic to discuss. We will discuss why this is important, how you can go about being pre-approved, and what will be the impact on your credit score. If not being at least pre-qualified, you may end up wasting a lot of your time looking for your new home. I will help you find the right mortgage person/company for your needs

Resales - Short Sales - Foreclosures
We will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of each.

The Contract Process
We will review the contract, the seller's disclosure, the initial deposit, selecting an attorney, and how a contract is processed including the different stages of the contract. 

The Contract was accepted - now what?
There are additional deposits, inspections, title insurance, homeowners insurance, home protection plan, and much more.

The Closing
This part of the buying process includes the mortgage commitment, walk-throughs, attending the closing, and how I and Coldwell Banker work with you after you have purchased your new home. Don't forget to ask me about our free HomeBase management system.

Buyer's Consultation
To aid my buyers in purchasing their new home, I have developed a Buyer's Consultation Power Point presentation. This presentation can be done in my office, or on-line. I have found that meeting in-person is by far the best approach. You get to meet the Realtor and I get to meet the buyer. I also ask my buyers to come prepared with all of their question.

We are Internet Proficient and able to communicate with you wherever you are via e-mail, e-fax, e-signature, texting, and creating a web page if needed.

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