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Japan's prime minister fired a top aide on Saturday after the aide reportedly said he wouldn't want to live next to gay or lesbian couples or even look at them.

2/4/2023 8:54:41 PM

The girl suffered injuries to her leg that proved fatal, but police did not report either the full extent of her injuries or the type of shark involved in the attack.

2/4/2023 5:42:19 PM

China has maintained that the balloon was a weather device that blew off course due to strong weather patterns and urged U.S. officials to tone down their rhetoric.

2/4/2023 3:01:13 PM

Chinese spy balloon could have equipment that would allow it to detect signals and communications data, which it could then transmit to Beijing, observers say.

2/4/2023 1:30:08 PM

The United States has not shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon seen hovering over Montana, sending a message it will not defend itself against China, one expert says.

2/4/2023 12:41:05 PM

On Saturday, Russian and Ukrainian officials said that dozens of soldiers were released and have returned to their home country after a prisoner swap.

2/4/2023 10:25:10 AM

China's spy balloon flying over Montana shows that the country is preparing its citizens for war that could come at any time, an expert told Fox News Digital.

2/4/2023 7:00:19 AM

China is maintaining that the balloon over the U.S. is a civilian research craft, asserting "some politicians and media in the US have hyped it up."

2/4/2023 6:43:00 AM

Job demand in China's hospitality sector has surged following the East Asian nation's post-COVID reopening and Lunar New Year festivities.

2/3/2023 4:50:15 PM

Italy's Data Protection Agency has banned U.S.-based app Replika AI from collecting personal data from Italian users, largely because of risks to minors and the emotionally vulnerable.

2/3/2023 2:27:28 PM