The active retiree (Silent Generation) - born between 1925 and 1945

This generation has found careers as middle managers, mediators and counselors.

Some call them the "Silent Generation" because there was never a president of the United States elected from this generation.

They believe in compromise, human relations, and "talking it out".

They are sandwiched between the leadership of the "GI" and the forcefulness of the "Boomers".

Consensus management is their style.

The emphasis in this group is on " process and expertise".

They are concerned with maintaining image while downsizing to smaller homes and townhouses.

Security, access to medical, shopping and health & fitness facilities is important.

This is the group that is now populating the "New Sun Cities" around the country.

This group has a high divorce rate and blended families (yours, mine, and ours).

They have planned somewhat to take care of their future but they fear outliving their assets.

They don't want to be dependent on their children for care.

They are interested in lifestyles, living overseas, university life, gated communities.