The Full Retiree - born between 1901 and 1924


. This generation had major accomplishments and worked together to
  create "America the Super Power".

.  They were the first to be known as "Senior Citizens".

. Three out of ten have lived in the same home for over 30 years.

. Most have not planned for the possibility of having to sell or move; yet
  over 1.5m will have t
o sell every year.

. They grew up in the depression and may be vulnerable to "con" games.

. This household is male dominated with long-term marriages and a
  strong faith in God.

. 8 out of 10 plan to live at home or at least in their community for as
  long as they can.

. They are defined by their career or title.

. They need reduced home maintenance and are concerned with security 
  and on-site health care

. They believe in hard work and saving.

. Their word is their bond.